Private jet airports in London – Buying agents guide

Published Jan 16, 2021 – 5 mins read

As buying agents we are often asked to consider the location of private jet airports in London and those near London that are within easy reach of a property to buy.

Recent events have made it increasingly important for luxury homes in London to have easy connections to airports that cater to private jets.

Those looking to make international flights on private aircraft and also looking for certain comforts, security and privacy whilst travelling will want to know where private jet services are in relation to their property.

Below we highlight several of the airports in London and those nearby which cater to private jets as a guide for those seeking a convenient place to live.

Private jet airports in London

Private jet travel options

Whether you’re choosing to fly taking your own private jet or seeking the option to easily travel by private jet charter there are a number of sites in the United Kingdom that have the appropriate facilities for private aircraft.

Heathrow and Gatwick are not well suited to private jets.

Several companies are able to organise a private jet charter to worldwide destinations.

The below will be the locations from which private flights will depart.

When looking for a property that offers the ability to reach your private jet or take a private jet charter with ease a buying agent can play a crucial part in the search.

A property might appear to be well-positioned on a map but the reality might be that the route is riddled with traffic bottlenecks.

Buying agents know areas intricately meaning they can advise on realistic travel times.

London City Airport

Address: Hartmann Rd, Royal Docks, London E16 2PX

Located in East London near to Canary Wharf, just 7 miles east of the City of London, London City Airport is one of the most popular options for private jets flying in and out of the capital.

London City Airport is the closest airport to central, ideal for those who live in a property in any part of the city who wish to fly to destinations overseas in the comforts of their own jet.

An established private jet airport, London City Airport is known for offering fast departures and has a very efficient VIP service.

As buying agents, we are asked by clients who either own a private jet or intend to take a private jet charter on occasion if the route to London City Airport is possible with ease.

Though it is positioned very centrally, even in peak travel times many homes are within easy reach of London City Airport.

London City Airport

London RAF Northolt Jet Centre

Address: Northolt Airfield, W End Rd, Ruislip HA4 6NG

Northolt Jet Centre is a military and royal airport which is also available for private jets to use. Naturally, the airport boasts exceptional security and privacy, though slots are limited.

Located just 13 miles from the West End, around 30 minutes in a car, Northolt Jet Centre is a very convenient private jet terminal for those who reside in central areas of London or to the west and north of the capital.

London Luton Airport

Address: Airport Way, Luton LU2 9LY`

Luton airport has been popular for private jet customers in recent years due to the more cost effective landing fees on offer.

Luton airport is just 25 minutes from London by train.

Those preferring to travel into central by car should expect the journey to take around an hour.

Luton airport is located to the north of the capital and is ideal for those who live in a property in the likes of Highgate or Hampstead with the journey from either taking around half an hour by car.

Harrods Aviation offers business aviation services at London Luton together with high quality FBO services. 

London Luton Airport

London Oxford Airport

Address: Langford Ln, Kidlington OX5 1RA

Though geographically further away from London than the other options for private flights, London Oxford Airport offers an easy road and fast road connection via the M40 and via helicopter the city is just 22 minutes away.

London Oxford Airport is also well located for access to the Cotswolds, so might be well positioned to suit the needs of an individual who owns a property London and a second home in the Cotswolds.

Farnborough Airport

Address: Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6XA (use GU14 OLJ for satellite navigation)

Farnborough airport is known for its excellent facilities and is a long established private jet airport. 

Just a 12 minute helicopter transfer to Battersea or 30 minutes by train, Farnborough airport is around an hours’ drive from the West End. 

For those looking for a place to keep their private jet within a reasonable distance of their home, the airport is well located for properties that are on the west or southwest side of London.

London Biggin Hill Airport

Address: Main Rd, Biggin Hill TN16 3BH

Located to the south of central London, London Biggin Hill Airport offers an exclusive 6-minute helicopter transfer into central London

Biggin Hill Airport offers cost effective landing fees, flexible runway slots and is DEFRA approved so can accept entry with pets.

London Biggin Hill Airport

Blackbushe Airport

Address: Camberley, Surrey, GU17 9LQ

Blackbushe Airport is ideally located for access into London, the Thames Valley and to the South of England.

The airport is in Surrey but close to the borders with Hampshire and Berkshire, the journey into Central London in a car takes around an hour.

Blackbushe Airport is ideally located for those who live in south west, west or south London.

The airport is 36 miles from Wimbledon and 28 miles from Richmond.

Southend Airport

Address: Eastwoodbury Cres, Southend-on-Sea SS2 6YF

Ideally located for those living in East London and Essex, the Stobart Jet Centre at Southend Airport is modern having undergone upgrades in 2017 and offers 24-hour availability. 

Southend Airport is around an hours’ drive from central London, helicopters take just 13 minutes into the capital. 

The remodelling of the airport has made it popular for those taking a private jet charter.

London Cranfield Airport

Address: Bedford MK43 0AR

Cranfield Airport is located to the north of London, under an hours’ drive from St John’s Wood.

This private jet airport is conveniently located for those who reside in luxury homes in north and northwest London.

Owned by Cranfield University, Cranfield Airport was originally a World War II aerodrome – RAF Cranfield.

Now the airport is used for business aviation and private jet flights together with research and development activities.

London Fairoaks Airport

Address: Chobham, Woking GU24 8HU

Fairoaks Airport is tucked away in the Surrey countryside between Chertsey and Chobham, around 20 miles from Central London.  

The airport is favoured by private jet passengers and those taking a private jet charter for the possibility of a rapid departure, passengers can simply park beside the aircraft and leave.

It’s also a popular heliport.

Heliports in London

There are two official heliports in London; London Heliport and Falcon London Heliport.

London Heliport

When flying into London by helicopter the main landing point is London Heliport in Battersea.

London Heliport is known to be one of the most advanced in Europe and has been in operation for over 50 years. 

London Heliport

Falcon London Heliport

Address: 188 Westferry Rd, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3RY

Falcon London Heliport is conveniently located to the east of the City of London and south of Canary Wharf.

Buying agent’s guide to private jet airports in London

As buying agents in London we’re often asked by clients, who are regular private jet passengers, to consider connections to airports and heliports, with realistic transfer times being the key to whether certain locations are viable for frequent flyers to find a home.

Many prime central locations offer the ability to reach many of London’s private jet charter locations with ease but by making use of the nearby heliport at Battersea, central London residents can find their journeys to be even shorter.

Our team of experienced London property finders would be delighted to assist with your search for a property and offer a range of services tailored to each client’s priorities and preferences.

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