Property finder in London: The benefits

Published Feb 21, 2020 – 3 mins read

Whether you’re looking for your main residence, an investment property or a Pied à Terre, working with a dedicated property finder in London can have its advantages.

Finding a property

Looking on the internet for hours on end at properties can be enjoyable for a short time, after which it becomes a rather tedious task and one that takes a considerable amount of time to ensure you do not miss an opportunity.

Along with looking online, buyers should register with local selling agents which again can take time and result in many incoming calls and emails containing properties to consider.

Finding properties to consider is only the first step – ascertaining which properties are actually worth viewing in person can be tricky as photos can be deceptively alluring. Many buyers find themselves spending considerable time viewing properties that simply aren’t right for them.

A property finder will handle all estate agent relationships, ensure no opportunity is missed by scouring the whole market for suitable properties and preview properties for consideration in person before proposing a shortlist for their client to view.  Saving the client considerable time and effort.

Off market property         

A benefit of working with a property finder is often the access to properties before they come onto the market or those being sold discreetly; only those ‘in the know’ will know about such opportunities.

Property finders often have long established relationships with selling agents, built over many years successfully working on transactions together. These relationships often allow property finders to be privy to opportunities that an unrepresented buying would not be aware of.

Due Diligence         

Viewing a property and gaining basic answers from a selling agent can provide you with a good amount of information regarding the property and you might also have an idea about how much you’d like to offer. The benefit of a property finder once you’ve identified a property you’d like to purchase is threefold.

A London property finder will have good local knowledge, where you might not realise a road is a through road or that the property might be on a flight path, a buying agent will be able to advise you or the properties immediate surroundings and those things that might not be obvious about the area; both the good and bad.

There might also be some elements about the property that would be useful to know more than the agents details tell you. It might be that a property is in a conservation area and there will be special rules in place, or that a property is listed. A property finder will dig deeper to ensure you make a well informed purchasing decision.

When it comes to securing the property and negotiating the best possible price and terms, a property finder’s experience, relationship with the selling agent and their market knowledge can prove invaluable.


Establishing the best negotiation strategy to secure a property is unique to each scenario. The position of you as the buyer, the position of the seller, the condition of the local market, the condition of the property and the competition fighting to secure the property are all factors to be carefully considered when entering into negotiations.

Experienced property finders will have knowledge of how best to approach negotiations to secure the property in each situation.

Oversee the purchase      

Once a property is secured the process of purchasing the property begins, a first step being to instruct a solicitor and surveyor.

An independent surveyor will provide you with a thorough report on the property, a property finder will be able to highlight any key points within the report and handle and renegotiations if they are necessary.

Working together with your solicitor a property finder will be able to ensure communications are frequent and that everything moves forward in a timely manner.

London Property Finders

There are many benefits to using a property finder in London:

  • Saving time by managing relationships with estate agents and industry contacts
  • Scouring the entire market to ensure no opportunity is missed
  • Sourcing pre and off market opportunities where possible that might not be available to an unrepresented buyer
  • Save their client’s time by previewing properties for consideration before shortlisting
  • Conducting in-depth investigations on each property for consideration to ensure their client makes a well-informed purchasing decision.
  • Negotiation the best possible price and terms on the desired property
  • Providing guidance and assistance throughout the purchasing process through to a successful completion

As property finders in London, the Garrington team have a wealth of knowledge and experience along with a large black book of industry contacts and access to many opportunities that unrepresented buyers might not be privy to.

If you’re looking for a property in London and would like to learn more about our services please contact us for a no obligation discussion regarding your property requirements and how we might be able to help you.