Case Studies

Each property search is different and, without exception, our clients approach us with very unique requirements.

London Property Search Case Studies

The following case studies highlight successful past searches and illustrates how our flexible and logical approach saves time and adds value to a London property search.

A multifaceted London property search brief

An international client required an investment property in a prime area of central London presenting a reliable capital investment for the long-term, while generating reasonable rental income in the short to medium-term..

A necessary aid when based abroad

A client who was keen to try and find a suitable property in the week they had allocated to visit London in late January.  A budget was set to acquire a secure property that could be easily maintained, whilst being a reasonable commute time to the West End for meetings when necessary..

Building a property portfolio

A client, whom had used Garrington’s services before was searching for a further rental investment property to add to their portfolio..

Good fortune investment

A client who required a one or two-bedroom investment apartment within the London SW1 area; alongside the property encompassing and fulfilling their Feng Shui requirements..

Time is money

Having previously acted for a client on a successful search, Garrington were once again called upon to search for a large lateral flat with a minimum of 5 bedrooms. Ideally, the property would have a green outlook and be located in the South Kensington, Kensington or Knightsbridge areas and be above ten million pounds (GBP) in value..

Moving on up

Options for different types of property within London may seem endless and, at times, somewhat daunting for those looking to purchase. Beginning a property search with a succinct priority list is a necessity and quickly clarifies what is realistically available in a competitive market..

Upsizing to start a family

Options for different types of property within London may seem endless and at times somewhat daunting for those looking to purchase. Using an experienced property finder becomes a necessity, especially when trying to secure a purchase in a sought-after location..

Investing on a budget

The variety of different properties available within London may bowl over those who are looking to purchase. It is important to establish a succinct priority list in order to narrow the search, and to find the property which will align with a clients’ needs…

Try and try again

Garrington had been instructed to seek an investment property that would be able to produce a good rental yield and positive capital growth in London…