Upsizing to start a family


Having lived in inner London for many years; the clients were seeking a property to buy in outer London as they had wanted to start their own family. With a budget of £900,000 the clients were searching for a spacious five-bedroom property, in a family orientated neighbourhood with good schools and a maximum travel time of forty minutes to Canary Wharf.

A search brief was carefully discussed with their specific needs and desires kept in mind. Utilising excellent local networks and connections with sales agents, local developers and other professional contacts, Garrington previewed suitable properties aligned to the client’s criteria. On the first viewing a short list of eight properties were viewed and the clients provided very detailed feedback, which narrowed the search even further.

After further discussion with the client Garrington began to focus on location; whether to be closer to Canary Wharf (Wanstead and Snaresbrook) or go further afield to Buckhurst Hill and Loughton. However, after much communication, the clients had firmly decided to prioritize property size and focus on Buckhurst Hill and Loughton.

Ensuring that the correspondence was frequent between Garrington and its contacts, Garrington was informed of a pre-market property which was a five bedroom house, only a few minutes’ walk from Loughton High Street and a ten minute walk to Loughton Station.

An informal evaluation was made and Garrington determined that the property was worth at least £100,000 more than the asking price. As well as this, the property had still not been marketed on the websites and Garrington had been able to secure it before the rest of the market even became aware of its existence.


Garrington had detailed expertise and knowledge of value for money in Buckhurst Hill and Loughton. By the time the offer was made, Garrington had researched the whole market and pre-viewed over seventy-five properties. Our excellent relationships with the selling agents meant that we were shown this property before it had been more widely marketed, and crucially before it was on online portals.

Garrington acted with speed and decisiveness to secure the property for the client. We presented the clients in the best light, and provided all the documentation to the selling agent and vendor to prove how committed the buyers were. The fact that Garrington was retained by the client further evidenced their seriousness as a buyer.


Always working closely with and listening to clients desires, one critical element for ensuring a successful outcome is Garrington’s continued strong relationships with its contacts. Presenting the subsequent opportunity to secure the property ahead of any unrepresented buyer, Garrington have their ‘ear to the ground’ on local property market movements.

By Garrington utilising their expertise to see the whole process through to completion, the client was delighted at having secured such an excellent property. Not only did the client fall in love with the property, but they were very pleased at having gotten such good value for money.