London Property Finder – How using one could help find your next home

Published Aug 31, 2017 – 2 mins read

Although using a Property Finder to buy a home is still a relatively new concept, more and more of the buying public are recognising the benefits of doing so.

If a Property Finder can find the right property for a buyer that they would normally have struggled to source, whilst also negotiating a better deal than the buyer could ever hope to achieve on their own, there really is very little reason not to employ one.

Why use a Property Finder?

 So how do they manage to put themselves ahead of the game? If a Property Finder has been established in an area for a long time, they will have built up invaluable contacts and knowledge, which  will bear fruit when a search draws focus.

However, beware. The buying market is littered with ‘have-a-go’ buying agents, one-man bands who have little or no experience and who cannot really put themselves at the top of the list when selling agents think of who they should call When an exciting off-market property opportunity becomes available.

By using an agent that has worked with agents and developers over several years, the buyer can rest easy in the knowledge that their chances of being first through the door are greatly enhanced. A Property Finder, particularly a London property finder, with a track record of representing committed and serious buyers is worth their weight in gold.

Selling agents are comforted in the knowledge that a sale is far more likely to proceed to completion, a confidence they can convey to the vendor. Likewise, if that buying agent has a dedicated and professional support group who can assist in and, if needs be, take over a search should the Finder be away, then the search has a far greater chance of success.

But when is the right time to use a Property Finder to find your next home?

 Many buyers wonder if it is the right time to buy. Currently, there is much uncertainty, with confusion surrounding Brexit and Stamp Duty changes hitting the prime London market hard. So buyers need knowledgeable advice and guidance.

Should they simply rely on the opinion of the selling agent, who solely represents the vendor? Having an independent point of view should enable the buyer to make an informed decision, be it for an investment property or a long term family home.

The fact remains, in the London core market, demand far outstrips supply and while that is the case, prices will continue to rise. Therefore buyers still view London residential property as a solid, long term investment. That coupled with a stable economy, low unemployment and cheap mortgages means buying remains the preferred option.

In conclusion, the benefits of using Garrington London Property Finders should outweigh the cost. Having someone searching on your behalf 24/7, filtering through the unsuitable and ill-advised purchase options, outlining the pros and cons, putting you first through the door and negotiating the best deal, whilst guiding you through the minefield of the buying process – is most definitely a price worth paying.

If you would like to know how you could benefit from using an expert property finder or have an interest in moving to London region, please contact us.