Our Background

Garrington is one of the largest, independently owned, London property search agents. Our dynamic team are based in the heart of London and have extensive industry experience and contacts, allowing them to provide personally tailored services to meet each client’s property search requirements.

Originally founded in London before expanding to cover the rest of the UK the business was originally established by Phil Spencer, presenter of the UK’s leading television shows Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation. Having sold the business in 2009 to concentrate on his television career, Garrington continues to lead the way in London property search.

With London’s multitude of boroughs presenting vast differences from one postcode to the next, searching for property in the capital can be daunting even if you are already a resident. Each area presents different opportunities and challenges and quite often there are numerous considerations when weighing up the advantages of one borough over another. Tell Garrington what you are looking for.

To ensure the service is delivered with the utmost efficiency clients are assigned a London property search agent most suited to their brief in terms of their area specialisation, knowledge and contacts. Each property search agent works meticulously for their clients and is supported by the broader team to ensure everyone is aware of each client’s requirements. As a result of Garrington’s commitment to service delivery each search agent will only work for a limited number of clients at any one time.